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2014 come see our new "Bringing underground above ground to you " functioning coal educational display near Pittsburgh

Enter the mine to see this United State's treasure & preservation efforts by the O.V.C.C. team.

Equipment Restoration Projects

Photo Archives - U.S. Mine Locomotive Builders

Photo Archives -Types of Mining Equipment

Photo Archives-Types of Mine Cars

Help save a part of U.S. History

Ohio Vintage Coal Co. is a dedicated energetic group devoted to saving mining & industrial related equipment that was utilized throughout the United States.  Our group has obtained & preserved mining equipment from as far as New Jersey all the way to Washington State even Canada.  The equipment, photographs, & mining stories that have been preserved and are toured throughout the midwest to help educate people, school groups & even fellow miners on our mining heritage.


In 2008 Ohio Vintage Coal Co. decided to create the largest United States historic mining equipment database on the web to further educate people throughout the world.

Ohio Vintage Coal Co. is a non-profit 501c3 organization......We are currently changing our name to Ohio Vintage Coal Co. Mining Museum (Aug 2014 update)

Our Goal

Preserving industrial technology for future generation.  

Our Mission

To preserve & restore historical mining equipment including related industrial technology.

All photos & information are copyright of Ohio Vintage Coal Co. 2009