Coal Mine Cars & Industrial Cars

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Coal Cars & Industrial Cars

The cars designed to transport the raw materials are critical for any mining operation, industry & construction site.  Please keep in mind the cars constructed in the late 1800's & some in the early 1900's were mostly shop built or by the local blacksmith.  The wheel assemblies called "trucks" were purchased from manufactures & the remaining car was constructed using timber & steel custom made to each application.

Anthracite coal cars are not listed.  Most cars were built at local shops & the wheel axle sets purchased.  Some steel cars listed below did operate at the famous Hudson Coal Company.

In latter years the cars can be divided into several catagories:

Air Dump, Automatic Dump Cars, Hand Dump Cars, & Industrial Cars.

 The tonnages were increased  on the modern underground coal cars to 20 tons unlike the original version that would be lucky to transport 1 ton. 

 Below is a comprehensive list of manufactures that built cars dating back to 1863.  Please keep in mind that this is not complete & if anyone has any information on this topic our group would update the list accordingly.

Our group is still researching many of the builders.  Most builders listed with no pictures stating"under research" built industrial type cars. Little or no information.

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