Coal Mine Car Builders

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Coal Mine Car Builders

American Car & Foundry Co.

Anthracite Coal Cars

Atlas Car & Mfg. Co.

Belleville Stove and Range Co.

Bethlehem Steel Co.

Bonney-Floyd Co.

Brown-Fayro Co.

Carnegie Steel

Differential Steel Car Co.

Eagle Iron Works

Enterprise Wheel & Car Co.

General Steel Castings Co.

Harriman Foundry & Machine Works

Helmick Foundry & Machine Co.

Hockensmith Wheel & Mine Car Co.

Irwin Foundry & Mine Car Co.

Kanawha Mfg. Company

Koppel Steel Mine Cars

The Lorain Steel Car Company

Ottumwa Iron Works

Phillips Mill & Mine Supply

Pressed Steel Car Co.

Sanford-Day Iron Works

Watt Car & Wheel