Plymouth Locomotive Works, Inc.

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Plymouth Locomotive Works, Inc. locomotives

The original name of this company back in 1910 when the first locomotive was manufactured was the J.D. Fate Company. Three companies latter merged together to form the more well known name as the Fate-Root-Heath Company.The Plymouth locomotive was actually derived from the 1st Plymouth car that was produced at this factory.  The car was not built by the Crysler Company it was manaufactured in Plymouth,Ohio & the testing was not successful.  The factory made a decision to disassemble the car & produce its first locomotive which was shipped to the National Fireproofing Company in Haydenville, Ohio. The rest was history & continued to build locomotives in Plymouth, Ohio until the last locomotive came off the factory line in 1999.



Click on this chart to see the various models built by Plymouth

The first model Plymouth built in production was the AL in 1914

Model BL

Model CLH (Hercules OX engine) & CLB (Buda model KTU engine)

Model DLB (Buda Engine) & DLC (Climax Engine)

Model DL

Model FLH (Hercules Engine) & FLB (Buda Engine)

Model FLD 6 ton (3 cylinder Cummins Diesel) & DLD (4 or 6 cylinder Cummins Diesel)

Model HL

Model TLF (Ford Engine)

Model TL

Model RL

Model ML (this model replaced the HL series)

Model XL

Model JLA

Model WE & OE

Model WLB

Flexomotive Model KC

Modern era industrial locomotives built

Modern approved underground locomotives

Model EB

Model DCJS Low Pro underground locomotive